Obtaining Binance API

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Feel free to use our ref link to support the project's runway https://accounts.binance.info/register?ref=35565774 Binance API Integration Guide in Lemon Terminal:

  1. Access API Management:

    • Navigate to the top-right corner of the Lemon Terminal and click on your user menu to input your API key followed by your API secret, respectively.

  2. Create an API:

    • Click on the "Create API" button

    • Choose the type of API key, and opt for "System Generated API Keys"

  3. Edit Restrictions:

    • After creating your API key, select "Edit Restrictions"

    • Whitelist this IP Address:

    • Ensure that the "Enable Futures" option is checked to enable futures trading functionality

  4. Ready to trade:

    • Transfer USDT to your USD-M Futures account on Binance

Congratulations! Your Binance API key is now ready.

Ensure the security of your API key and secret for future use in your trading endeavors. This key serves as the secure bridge between your Lemon Terminal and Binance account, facilitating seamless and secure interactions for efficient trading. Safeguarding this information is crucial to maintaining the integrity and security of your trading activities. Important Security Notice: No Deposits, Withdrawals, or Movement of Funds

The API key and secret associated with your Lemon Terminal and Binance account are configured to exclusively facilitate trading activities. Please be aware that no deposits, withdrawals, or movements of funds can be initiated or possible using API keys.

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